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The Eyebrow Palace

I Gotta Job

by Joesph



Artwork by Anna Buckner
IG: @annerbuck

Recorded November 2 - 5, 2017 at the Eyebrow Palace at Lake Santee courtesy of the Geary family.


I put my hat on backwards so you can see that I mean business, yeah.
There isn't any time like the present. Presently I'm fine.
Finally, do they see what I mean?

I'm going to the grocery for what I need so I can be what I eat.
Just more human desire (the flame of fire)...
all we require to do our business, yeah.

Get in line - do good work - not your work - someone else's work - it's just your time - half of your life - can you tell me why? - and who decides what matters, yeah? - now I'm feeling sick - have we been tricked into business?

Watch out honey, I'm a business man.
Got my good suit on, driving a black sedan.
Now I can make big decisions with the wave of my hand.
Uh uh sugar, can't you understand?
(Are you the preacher man?)
No, I'm a business man!
But I'd still take a hallelujah from the serfs if they can...

Finally, do they see what I mean?
Is anyone out there? Can anyone hear me?
Am I all alone up here? Oh my god... I might be...


released November 20, 2017
Devyn Glista - drums, guitar, hand claps, vocals
Pierce Geary - bass guitar, tambourine, hand claps, vocals
Joey Joesph - vocals, guitars, keys, tambourine, hand claps


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Joesph Cincinnati, Ohio

• Joey Joesph
• Alisa Cook
• Pierce Geary
• Devyn Glista
• Matt Latchaw

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